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Swirling Emotions - Original

Swirling Emotions - Original

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Original Babs Artwork

"Swirling Emotions" Watercolor Painting

8" L x 10" W


Everyone feels their emotions differently. This was made during a very difficult, transitional, pivotal event point where I was struggling with the changes that was happening in my life. I tried to portray my feelings of sadness, confusion, loneliness  & frustration swirling inside of me endlessly. There were so many moving parts in my life and at the time it seemed like none of them fit together properly anymore. It left me feeling sick in my stomach but motivated to work through it and find a positive change. I feel like bringing an image to my feelings helped me process the emotions better and looking back now brings clarity on where I will spend my energies in the future. I hope that this resonates with you.


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