Hi reader. My name is Brigitte. You’ve already met several versions of myself already but I feel that it’s time for a formal introduction. Mayhem Boutique and Babs Artwork are just a part of the whole that is me. I’d like to dig deeper than ever into my passions and creatively to see where this blog and website can lead me and my family. Welcome to this fun and chaotic adventure as we persevere towards growth, knowledge and getting to know ourselves a little better.

 Mayhem Boutique is an extension of myself that wants to be able to provide for my family. I have a wonderful husband & 3 amazing children. My M&M’s. They mean so much to me and I want to build a sustainable business that not only will benefit us financially but also benefit my children by seeing how one can pursue their dreams and find something they are passionate about. I’ve used my artwork to make cute, unique items that I truly hope you enjoy. I’ve partnered with a Print on Demand company that receives each order individually to create, ship and send directly to you! They have many eco-friendly options to choose from and they are minimal waste. Utilizing a third party company to make products saves me time and investment into things that don’t suit my talents. Which gives me more freetime to be able to truly let my inner child loose and just make art.

Art is something I have loved my whole life. It brightens every moment and has helped me through the hardest ones. Babs Artwork will forever hold a place in my heart. The nickname Babs has always been near and dear to my heart and I’m glad that I can bring it into this journey with nothing but good intentions and positivity. I’ve always loved bright colors, drawing, crafts and pretty much any hobby you can do from Joann Fabrics. More than anything I love creating something out of nothing. Sometimes I get a little too stuck in the details and my need for everything to be perfect. But watercolor was a great way for me to learn to loosen up a little bit and just enjoy where my creativity goes. I feel that it’s helped me grow as a person and I love sharing my artwork. The support has been so wonderful and it makes me even more excited for all of the ideas that I have planned for this little shop.

The plan is to continue to upload new Original Babs Artworks and prints for those who can’t afford an Original but would like to enjoy the artwork. I will also be making more Art Merchandise from the new designs as well. I have hopes of creating a few limited edition series artworks or crafts as well. Chaotic is okay and very us. We have a little bit of this and a little bit of that but we have everything that you need to brighten up your day and feel confident. Artwork is meant to make you feel something. I hope that my Artwork resonates with you and you enjoy it as more than just a print but as something that you can functionally utilize in your everyday life! Because I believe we all deserve to enjoy our art outside of our home too.

I hope that this gives you a little insight into my chaotic, paint filled brain and if this is your vibe that you choose to stick around to cause a little Mayhem with me.

- Babs

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